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Friday, November 22, 2013

Super Supplements For Super Health

Super Supplements For Super Health

First, I’d like to thrash out whether you really need a health supplement, let alone any of the range of super supplements.
Many people are too busy to eat well. A frozen combination from the supermarket, thrown into the microwave may be their staple diet. A regular appointment or three, to a fast food outlet may complete the duration. Even eating out may not go further than the local fish and slab shop.
Can anyone, in their wildest dreams, consider this a healthy diet? What are the problems?
1 there are no fresh ingredients, substance is cooked, sometimes more than once
2 microwaves are not a healthy way to cook food
3 fast food has too high fat content
4 an excess of larder in fat causes better health problems
5 fast food has too high pig protein content
6 fast food normally contains health calamitous preservatives
7 there is no balance
Even if you don’t fall into the higher club, lets have a look at what is considered a healthy diet.
Typically, if you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, you stock consider your diet is healthy. But did you know that diet destroys many nutrients and alters others? For instance broccoli has an amazing array of health promoting nutrients, most of which are destroyed in board. Even in scintillant white.
Most people think they need a lot of bad-looking protein, so nurse to consume it more than once a day. But did you know that grisly protein makes your body acidic? You should be slightly alkaline for optimum health.
Many health problems, including cancer, cannot live in an alkaline environment, but thrive in an acid one.
Fruit is often cooked, also destroying vital nutrients. But sugar is frequently extended too. Sugar is a distilled food, so is hard to digest. It also contributes to your overall acidity.
So lets suppose you’re eating a diet which is high in raw fruit and vegetables. You’re consciousness graceful righteous about it. But is it adequate?
It might be if it wasn’t for two important factors.
One is that most food grown today is grown for good looks rather than nutritional content. There is a saying that the west has never been so well fed but so under nourished.
On the other hand, certified organic food is grown for the high nutrient content, and looks come second. So eating organic isdefinately more healthy, but is it enough?
The second means is your existing lifestyle. Most of us are under stress from family and / or work, live in a polluted environment and don’t relax piece like as often as you should.
So even if you are eating a lot of raw, organic produce, you’ll still need a health supplement.
Having popular that practically everyone needs a health supplement, which one is the best rate for money and the most effective?
Most of the health supplements on the market are made in a laboratory. In other words, they are synthesised. That’s why you can purchase isolated nutrients, such as selenium or consolidated or calcium. You body can’t utilise synthetic nutrients. At best, they are useful poo. At worst, the nutrients can murder around in your body to cause problems next.
For original, synthetic calcium supplements are musing to be one cause of kidney stones.
Another common source of a health supplement is minerals. OK, so naturally occurring minerals are a bit better than synthesised nutrients, but also, your body doesn’t know what to do with them.
Your body is composite. Nutrients co - dependent on each other. For adduce, calcium needs phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A and D to be utilised efficiently by your body. Excellence a myriad of trace elements and other nutrients.
Too incredibly dense depletes your pin money levels. So what’s too supremely?
You evolved to gain all your nutritional health requirements from food, so the best way is to render this. This is naturally balanced and easily digested and utilised.
As we have in duration discussed, even exemplary organic food may not be yielding to provide for all your health requirements in this wearing and frantically busy world you live in.
Enter super supplements!
Super supplements are made from naturally occurring, nutrient dense plants.
And the best plant in the world for this is algae. Unhappy green algae to be precise. It’s also called spirulina.
Algae takes up whatever is in the water, so you can get healthy and hot algae.
Healthy algae grows in mineral stinking rich water. Unvaried the best source of naturally occurring mineral well-off water are pile streams and lakes, untouched by human pollutants.
Spirulina is very popular now, but before you rush down to your health store to buy one of the top super supplements, there are a few things to consider.
Such as where does the algae grow?
Many are grown in specially made farms, with concrete bases.
Maybe that doesn’t matter.
Many are fertilised with inorganic fertiliser.
To me, that’s a definite turn lynch.
Then there is the processing. Many are heat treated to evaporate the water slay.
Heat, as in feed, destroys vital nutrients.
So, lets recapitulate.
everyone needs some form of nutritional supplement
the best supplements comes from a food source, preferably super supplements
one of the best super supplements are fed up green algae
the most efficient of the super supplements are either certified organic or wildcrafted
the ocean, with it’s increasingly polluted waters, may not be the best source of healthy algae
minimum processing, with minimum or no heat, these super supplements is critical to its overall efficiency
Wishing you a healthy expedition!

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